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Jun 18

Join The Legends of Tivara FB Group and WIN

If you’ve read The Legends of Tivara, here’s your chance to connect with other fans and talk about it.  Just join this Facebook Group. You’ll be first to hear updates about the series, get first dibs at Advanced Reader Copies, and increase your odds of winning cool prizes.  I’ll also share behind the scene tidbits. …

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Jun 06

My Fortune is Your Fortune, Part 2

I’m excited to announce that The Dragon Songs Saga has sold 20,000 copies as of today. Like the 10k mark, I’m celebrating by giving away a signed copy of one of my books. To enter, go to the Facebook Link and comment!

Apr 21

My Fortune Is Your Fortune

You just joined this list, and I wanted to give you a last chance to join a drawing: Thanks to you, The Dragon Songs Saga has sold over 10,000 copies in just over a month. My mind is blown by how well it is doing. To celebrate, I want to offer you a chance to …

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Sep 17

My Review of Crimson Queen

Rich, multicultural world building, intricate plot, and dazzling writing. I wasn’t sure how to review Crimson Queen without giving away the mind-blowing revelation near the end, but here goes: If you love classic fantasy, read this book! If you love multiple points of view that weave together a complex tapestry of a plot, read this …

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Sep 15

Current Projects

I’m concurrently working on four projects. 1. Core Series:  Two novel series which run concurrently with the Dragon Songs Saga, and chronologically follow the half-elf Ninja, Jie. The first explores the pyramids and gemstones of Tivara, while the second details the war between the Bovyan and Eldaeri peoples. 2.  Dragon Charmer Conversion— Book 2 of …

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Sep 12

Launch Day for Fire and Fantasy

The Box Set ,Fire and Fantasy, launches today. It includes my story, The Dragon Scale Lute, which tells Songs of Insurrection from the first person point of view of Kaiya.   Whereas Songs of Insurrection is catered to readers of epic fantasy, The Dragon Scale Lute will appeal readers of YA Fantasy/Coming of Age stories. …

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Sep 03

My Review of Threads of Silk

I had the pleasure of reading (and listening) and reviewing to Amanda Roberts’ Threads of Silk, a historical fiction which takes place at the end of the Qing Dynasty. I actually didn’t know what it was about before I started, but the cover suggested 1800s China, so I delved right in. As a reader, I …

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Aug 09

Dragon Scale Lute will be in Fire and Fantasy

The Dragon Scale Lute, the first person, single POV version of Songs of Insurrection, will be released in the Fire and Fantasy boxed set.   Pre-order today and get 10 bonus gifts.  

Jul 30

Prelude to Insurrection is FREE on Instafreebie

Prelude to Insurrection, a short-story prequel to the Dragon Songs Saga, is FREE on Instafreebie.  Claim your copy today!

Jul 19

Dance of Swords Available in Glimpses

My short story, Dance of Swords, is available in the short-story anthology, Glimpses. It is free at

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