Sep 15

Current Projects

I’m concurrently working on four projects.

1. Core Series:  Two novel series which run concurrently with the Dragon Songs Saga, and chronologically follow the half-elf Ninja, Jie. The first explores the pyramids and gemstones of Tivara, while the second details the war between the Bovyan and Eldaeri peoples.

2.  Dragon Charmer Conversion— Book 2 of the Daughter of the Dragon Throne series.  It is a single POV, first person version of Orchestra of Treacheries. The Dragon Charmer follows The Dragon Scale Lute, a first person version Songs of Insurrection.

3.  Dragon in Man’s Clothing Serial:  An episodic story which follows the Last Dragon, Avarax, as he tries to regain his human form. Part 1 is included in the short story anthology, Through the Never, to be published in October.

4.  Sci-Fi Serial:  An episodic story which follows three futuristic “elves” stranded in 17th Century Earth.

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